Scratched Glass can be Fixed Anywhere!

We send out teams all across the country with our highest trained technicians to perform repairs on all sorts of projects. These projects have ranged from full building facade restoration to single pane scratched glass repairs on extremely high end panels of glass. We are able to accommodate all types of work all over the place with our extremely flexible and competent technicians.

We have sent our techs all over from Alaska to Hawaii to the borders of Texas to the city that never sleeps in New York City. There is a reason why Shine Glass Renewal is being called all over the country and trusted with the highest end most precious glass that is out there today. The reason is that we leave every job with a flawless repair and make sure that the customer is satisfied with a walkthrough of every window and the end of every job.

We have been called in to work on residential homes that had market values well over 40 million and the highest grade glass that you can put into your home. These have proved no problem for us to repair and make sure the view was ever bit as pristine as it was intended to be. We have also been called out to corporate campuses that require the highest safety training and rating in the country and are able to provide competent technicians that met and exceed all the necessary requirements.

So when the investment of your view and your glass is at risk Call Shine Glass Renewal today for a free quote and consultation on your glass repair and restoration needs.

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