Repair Scratches from High End Speciality Glass

Shine Glass Renewal has perfected the glass polishing process over the last ten years. We are so confident in our skills that we are willing to work on glass that most would never touch. The reason they would not touch is it is because if a mistake is made replacement costs are astronomical. We have worked on everything from aquarium glass at some of the nations biggest zoo’s to architecturally load bearing wall facade glass to what was described as the world most expensive piece of glass. We use a special technique and process that we have developed through trial and error and used successfully on tens of thousands of windows over the years. Please contact us a call to talk over whatever project you have and rest assured that we can not only handle the situation but guarantee it!

Scratched Glass on Marine Glass
Repair Scratches from Glass Flawlessly


These pictures were taken from a freight ship that we polished the glass on. The glass was wet cement set in and the ship was set to make its first voyage in under a week and the builder found that It would have been impossible to get new glass in under that period of time so he called us. This was a view that had to be perfect as it was right in the line of sight for the captain so no mistakes or distortion would be acceptable. Shine Glass was able to provide another flawless glass restoration!

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