Removing Scratches from Glass

When you look out your brand new windows and realize all is not well and discover scratches on the glass it is time to figure out how to remove scratches from glass. Removing scratches from glass can be an intimidating situation, because there is so much conflicting information out there. You can try to go the DIY route if you are so inclined and need to save some cash. There are several methods out there that may or may not work, but ultimately wont cost you much to try and shouldn’t damage the glass any further if they do not work for you.

Below is a link to some very simple techniques that can be helpful in removing scratches from glass. All of these are done with basic household items that you could try without even needing to go to the hardware store.

If you try these and find no success in improving the clarity of your glass windows then it may be time to try and call in the professionals. At Shine Glass Renewal not only can we guarantee that we can remove any kind of scratch or superficial damage on your glass, but we can also provide you with a free quote and consultation on what steps you need to take next. Every project is unique and we make an attempt to provide the best quality service in each individual situation when it comes to removing scratches from glass.

We have worked with thousands of clients over the years at restoring scratched glass to its original luster, and at Shine Glass Renewal we are able to provide flawless results each and every time no matter what the situation is with the glass and its damage.

removing scratches from glass

Here is a picture of some glass that we were able to restore that was severely damaged by scratches for the Lincoln Park Zoo of Chicago. They have been happy clients of Shine Glass for the last decade trusting us with views that are used by millions each and every year. Please give us a call today if you find that you are having trouble removing scratches from your glass!

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