Glass Restoration Anywhere

Shine Glass Renewal is able to polish glass anywhere across the United States. We have worked from Alaska to Texas to Hawaii to New York City we have covered it all. Clients across the country have run into scratched glass problems and have turned to us for a solution on how to fix scratched glass. We have trained a special team of technicians who travel anywhere in the country to repair scratched glass.

Whether it is a high rise condo unit or a brand new high end storefront or a single piece of specialty glass we are able to fix any and all scratched glass. Even though our team has travel costs included into our repairs our team is so efficient and effective at glass restoration our prices are often times cheaper than even local repair crews. We guarantee a flawless glass repair every time we show up on a job site. When your view matters and you are looking for someone to trust with your glass call Shine Glass Renewal for a free quote.

Feel free to contact us and we can provide you with a client list of references from your area so that you can be assured of the quality repair Shine Glass offers. We are more than happy to come and do a mock up as well on whatever project you might have. Often times we will start a project with a sample window or two so that the customer is completely satisfied with the work we will be providing.


We are able to offer glass facade restoration as well. If you find that your view has been damaged by hard water stains or contamination damage Shine Glass can polish it back to its original clarity.  Our highly trained team of techs can polish any building no matter how big or how severe the stains are. We would be more than happy to provide you with a free quote today just visit our Contact page and give us a call!

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