How to Get Scratches out of Glass

There are a ton of internet DIY articles out there on this subject all ranging in suggestions from rubbing your window with toothpaste to polishing it yourself. The problem with these is not that they won’t work some of the time is that they lead you to believe that this will work every time on every window. This is simply not the case whatsoever.

There are times where a scratch is so small or light that a small amount of cerium oxide, which is a glass polishing compound, lightly applied and rubbed over the scratch will remove the scratch from the glass. From our experience though this is maybe the case in 2-5% of situations that a non mechanical intervention for scratched glass repair will have any amount of success. Although the success rate is low it is certainly worth a shot in a lot of cases because the cost of the products needed to perform the work is so low.

Another common suggestion is for the person or contractor to purchase a glass restoration kit and attempt the repairs themselves. This again is a solution that can work some of the time, but the barriers to a successfull can make this option again one that simply does not make sense. Most glass repair kits costs 2-3 thousand dollars and come with a steep learning curve and often even after years of experience can still not yield 100% flawless repairs. So if you have time and money and wish to learn this may be the option to fix your scratched glass.

Finally the suggestion that is not made enough is to just call a local professional scratched glass service repair provider. At Shine Glass Renewal not only will you get a free quote right away so you can begin to compare all these options and the cost of replacing the glass, but we can even help you to determine what may be the best course of action for your glass. Also if you do work with Shine Glass you can be positive that when we are done repairing you scratched glass that you will have a visually perfect glass window. It seems to me that a free phone call with an experienced professional should be one of the first suggestions out there as where to go when you discover scratched glass because you simply have nothing to lose.

Please contact us today and we can walk you through how to get scratches out of glass!

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