Frequently Asked Questions

Not only can we polish glass with scratches that you can feel with your fingernail; we have not found a scratch that been to deep for us to polish out flawlessly yet. This includes welding slag, grinding splatter, deep gashes, and razor blade scratches.

We pride ourselves on taking the time and skills to provide flawless glass restoration. No matter what the damage or depth we can repair scratched glass to return the glass to its original factory condition.

We are set up to handle jobs of all sizes. We can repair scratches from just a couple windows as a residential property all the way up to complete glass facade restoration of high rise buildings. We have 10 years experience of polishing glass under all conditions on all sorts of buildings.

Because there is such a wide variety between windows, jobs, and scratches on the glass we don’t have a base pricing. You can Contact Us today for a free quote and we can go over your project and what it will take to take back your view.

While this depends heavily on what our schedule looks like at the current moment. Most of the time we can respond within 1-2 weeks.

Let Us Get to Work Restoring Your Glass.

Glass Repair