Experts in Scratched Glass Repair Surviving the Winter

Just because the weather turns cold does not mean glass stops getting scratched! We continue buffing scratched glass all winter long well below freezing temperatures. Scratched glass repair during the winter can be an entirely different project, but with proper preparation and equipment it is still possible to achieve flawless glass repairs every time.

Even when the winter brings us temperatures that will freeze our buckets of water for glass cleaning after the scratched glass repair process we are still able to remove the scratches safely and efficiently. So no matter when you discover your scratched glass our qualified technicians are a short phone call away ready to repair your scratched glass.

We set scaffolding and finished repairs on a few windows on a luxury condo building in downtown Chicago while temperatures were in the single digits. We are well prepared and suited to handle all scratched glass repair and restoration needs even in the harshest conditions. We understand your project doesn’t shut down just because it gets cold and neither do we.

Call us today for a free quote or consultation on your glass restoration needs.

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