Scratched Glass Blog

Curious as to what it takes to repair scratched glass flawlessly come take a look at how we doit.

Glass Restoration

By shineglassrenewal1 | Jan 10, 2018

When you typically think of the word restoration you think of taking something old and making it appear new once…

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Removing Scratches from Glass

By shineglassrenewal1 | Jan 3, 2018

When you look out your brand new windows and realize all is not well and discover scratches on the glass…

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Experts in Scratched Glass Repair Surviving the Winter

By shineglassrenewal1 | Dec 27, 2017

Just because the weather turns cold does not mean glass stops getting scratched! We continue buffing scratched glass all winter…

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Views from a Glass Restoration Office

By shineglassrenewal1 | Dec 13, 2017

Today we are working out of a scissor lift with views ranging over the cityscape. Although it can be cold…

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Scratched Glass can be Fixed Anywhere!

By shineglassrenewal1 | Dec 10, 2017

We send out teams all across the country with our highest trained technicians to perform repairs on all sorts of…

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Remove Scratches from Glass

By shineglassrenewal1 | Dec 4, 2017

Shine Glass Renewal can remove scratches from glass. Any scratch on any window is no problem for us. We have…

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Glass Restoration Anywhere

By shineglassrenewal1 | Dec 1, 2017

Shine Glass Renewal is able to polish glass anywhere across the United States. We have worked from Alaska to Texas…

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How to Get Scratches out of Glass

By shineglassrenewal1 | Nov 13, 2017

There are a ton of internet DIY articles out there on this subject all ranging in suggestions from rubbing your…

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Acrylic Glass Scratch Repair at Zoo’s

By shineglassrenewal1 | Nov 13, 2017

We can repair all types of scratched glass. Whether the window is made out of tempered, laminated or acrylic glass…

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