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Glass Restoration

When you typically think of the word restoration you think of taking something old and making it appear new once again. What happens though when you just bought something new and need it to look new again? This is often the case with our glass restoration work. We are coming int situations where new glass was purchased, but for one reason or another the new glass has been damaged by scratches and it is in need of our glass restoration services. We have specialized in restoring glass that has been damaged by scratches over the last decade and have restored tens of thousands of pieces of scratched glass all over the country.

If your looking to see through your glass without having to look at scratches in the window then call us today for a free quote and consultation on how we can restore your glass that has been damaged. We are able to provide flawless glass restoration no matter what type of glass that has been damaged whether it is laminate, tempered or acrylic.

It also does not matter how deep or large an area the scratches take up on your glass this is still no problem for our highly trained glass restoration technicians to take care of. Find out today how we can help you save time and money on your windows!

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Removing Scratches from Glass

When you look out your brand new windows and realize all is not well and discover scratches on the glass it is time to figure out how to remove scratches from glass. Removing scratches from glass can be an intimidating situation, because there is so much conflicting information out there. You can try to go the DIY route if you are so inclined and need to save some cash. There are several methods out there that may or may not work, but ultimately wont cost you much to try and shouldn’t damage the glass any further if they do not work for you.

Below is a link to some very simple techniques that can be helpful in removing scratches from glass. All of these are done with basic household items that you could try without even needing to go to the hardware store.


If you try these and find no success in improving the clarity of your glass windows then it may be time to try and call in the professionals. At Shine Glass Renewal not only can we guarantee that we can remove any kind of scratch or superficial damage on your glass, but we can also provide you with a free quote and consultation on what steps you need to take next. Every project is unique and we make an attempt to provide the best quality service in each individual situation when it comes to removing scratches from glass.

We have worked with thousands of clients over the years at restoring scratched glass to its original luster, and at Shine Glass Renewal we are able to provide flawless results each and every time no matter what the situation is with the glass and its damage.

removing scratches from glass

Here is a picture of some glass that we were able to restore that was severely damaged by scratches for the Lincoln Park Zoo of Chicago. They have been happy clients of Shine Glass for the last decade trusting us with views that are used by millions each and every year. Please give us a call today if you find that you are having trouble removing scratches from your glass!

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Experts in Scratched Glass Repair Surviving the Winter

Just because the weather turns cold does not mean glass stops getting scratched! We continue buffing scratched glass all winter long well below freezing temperatures. Scratched glass repair during the winter can be an entirely different project, but with proper preparation and equipment it is still possible to achieve flawless glass repairs every time.

Even when the winter brings us temperatures that will freeze our buckets of water for glass cleaning after the scratched glass repair process we are still able to remove the scratches safely and efficiently. So no matter when you discover your scratched glass our qualified technicians are a short phone call away ready to repair your scratched glass.

We set scaffolding and finished repairs on a few windows on a luxury condo building in downtown Chicago while temperatures were in the single digits. We are well prepared and suited to handle all scratched glass repair and restoration needs even in the harshest conditions. We understand your project doesn’t shut down just because it gets cold and neither do we.

Call us today for a free quote or consultation on your glass restoration needs.

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Views from a Glass Restoration Office

Today we are working out of a scissor lift with views ranging over the cityscape. Although it can be cold and lonely high above the sidewalks with nothing but scratched glass as your company there is a beauty of seeing sweeping ranges of skyscrapers as your view all day. Every day is another day on the top floor and the corner office space when your outside and hanging on the side of a building.

Sometimes you just have to look around and appreciate where you are at in life no matter where you are at. There is even an upside to glass restoration work and its outdoor views.


Scratched Glass Repair Set Up

Glass Restoration Office

Glass Scratch Repair Views

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Scratched Glass can be Fixed Anywhere!

We send out teams all across the country with our highest trained technicians to perform repairs on all sorts of projects. These projects have ranged from full building facade restoration to single pane scratched glass repairs on extremely high end panels of glass. We are able to accommodate all types of work all over the place with our extremely flexible and competent technicians.

We have sent our techs all over from Alaska to Hawaii to the borders of Texas to the city that never sleeps in New York City. There is a reason why Shine Glass Renewal is being called all over the country and trusted with the highest end most precious glass that is out there today. The reason is that we leave every job with a flawless repair and make sure that the customer is satisfied with a walkthrough of every window and the end of every job.

We have been called in to work on residential homes that had market values well over 40 million and the highest grade glass that you can put into your home. These have proved no problem for us to repair and make sure the view was ever bit as pristine as it was intended to be. We have also been called out to corporate campuses that require the highest safety training and rating in the country and are able to provide competent technicians that met and exceed all the necessary requirements.

So when the investment of your view and your glass is at risk Call Shine Glass Renewal today for a free quote and consultation on your glass repair and restoration needs.

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Remove Scratches from Glass

Shine Glass Renewal can remove scratches from glass. Any scratch on any window is no problem for us. We have removed some of the deepest scratches and slag marks from windows and left a flawless repair afterwards. Scratched glass is no problem for us to fix perfectly. We offer free quotes and over the phone consultation to anyone on any project.

We have travelled all over the country and worked on all types of glass including; tempered, annealed, laminated, low-e, and beyond with only success. We have a long list of satisfied customers that have called us with their scratched glass needs and we have been able to provide a cost effective alternative to replacement. We can save you money and time when it comes to figuring out how to remove scratches from glass.

Remove scratches from glass

This window was scratched by a Cayman Alligator at the Lincoln Park Zoo. If you were to put razors on the fingertips of a beast with raw strength and let him go to town on a piece of glass for years you would probably have expected the glass to be lost. As this would be the common knowledge and consideration it is certainly not the case at Shine Glass Renewal. We were able to fix the scratches on this piece of glass no problem even though from all appearances the window appeared to be lost. We have expertly trained technicians that can handle any problem any where any time.

Flawless looking Glass after repairs.


Contact us today for more information on your project. Or check out our Home page for more info on all things scratched glass.

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Glass Restoration Anywhere

Shine Glass Renewal is able to polish glass anywhere across the United States. We have worked from Alaska to Texas to Hawaii to New York City we have covered it all. Clients across the country have run into scratched glass problems and have turned to us for a solution on how to fix scratched glass. We have trained a special team of technicians who travel anywhere in the country to repair scratched glass.

Whether it is a high rise condo unit or a brand new high end storefront or a single piece of specialty glass we are able to fix any and all scratched glass. Even though our team has travel costs included into our repairs our team is so efficient and effective at glass restoration our prices are often times cheaper than even local repair crews. We guarantee a flawless glass repair every time we show up on a job site. When your view matters and you are looking for someone to trust with your glass call Shine Glass Renewal for a free quote.

Feel free to contact us and we can provide you with a client list of references from your area so that you can be assured of the quality repair Shine Glass offers. We are more than happy to come and do a mock up as well on whatever project you might have. Often times we will start a project with a sample window or two so that the customer is completely satisfied with the work we will be providing.


We are able to offer glass facade restoration as well. If you find that your view has been damaged by hard water stains or contamination damage Shine Glass can polish it back to its original clarity.  Our highly trained team of techs can polish any building no matter how big or how severe the stains are. We would be more than happy to provide you with a free quote today just visit our Contact page and give us a call!

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How to Get Scratches out of Glass

There are a ton of internet DIY articles out there on this subject all ranging in suggestions from rubbing your window with toothpaste to polishing it yourself. The problem with these is not that they won’t work some of the time is that they lead you to believe that this will work every time on every window. This is simply not the case whatsoever.

There are times where a scratch is so small or light that a small amount of cerium oxide, which is a glass polishing compound, lightly applied and rubbed over the scratch will remove the scratch from the glass. From our experience though this is maybe the case in 2-5% of situations that a non mechanical intervention for scratched glass repair will have any amount of success. Although the success rate is low it is certainly worth a shot in a lot of cases because the cost of the products needed to perform the work is so low.

Another common suggestion is for the person or contractor to purchase a glass restoration kit and attempt the repairs themselves. This again is a solution that can work some of the time, but the barriers to a successfull can make this option again one that simply does not make sense. Most glass repair kits costs 2-3 thousand dollars and come with a steep learning curve and often even after years of experience can still not yield 100% flawless repairs. So if you have time and money and wish to learn this may be the option to fix your scratched glass.

Finally the suggestion that is not made enough is to just call a local professional scratched glass service repair provider. At Shine Glass Renewal not only will you get a free quote right away so you can begin to compare all these options and the cost of replacing the glass, but we can even help you to determine what may be the best course of action for your glass. Also if you do work with Shine Glass you can be positive that when we are done repairing you scratched glass that you will have a visually perfect glass window. It seems to me that a free phone call with an experienced professional should be one of the first suggestions out there as where to go when you discover scratched glass because you simply have nothing to lose.

Please contact us today and we can walk you through how to get scratches out of glass!

Also check out our Home page for more information and pictures about the exact process.

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Acrylic Glass Scratch Repair at Zoo’s

We can repair all types of scratched glass. Whether the window is made out of tempered, laminated or acrylic glass it does not matter. We are able to bring a complete and perfect glass restoration every time. We have repaired acrylic glass at zoo enclosures for many years while maintaining the integrity of the glass itself. After years of use and abuse zoo glass get’s a marred view and needs to be resurfaced so that it retains its original luster and makes the viewing enclosure look as pristine as possible. We are able to buff acrylic glass scratches out on site and in a timely fashion so the enclosure does not need to be shut down for an extended period of time.

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Repair Scratches from High End Speciality Glass

Shine Glass Renewal has perfected the glass polishing process over the last ten years. We are so confident in our skills that we are willing to work on glass that most would never touch. The reason they would not touch is it is because if a mistake is made replacement costs are astronomical. We have worked on everything from aquarium glass at some of the nations biggest zoo’s to architecturally load bearing wall facade glass to what was described as the world most expensive piece of glass. We use a special technique and process that we have developed through trial and error and used successfully on tens of thousands of windows over the years. Please contact us a call to talk over whatever project you have and rest assured that we can not only handle the situation but guarantee it!

Scratched Glass on Marine Glass

Repair Scratches from Glass Flawlessly


These pictures were taken from a freight ship that we polished the glass on. The glass was wet cement set in and the ship was set to make its first voyage in under a week and the builder found that It would have been impossible to get new glass in under that period of time so he called us. This was a view that had to be perfect as it was right in the line of sight for the captain so no mistakes or distortion would be acceptable. Shine Glass was able to provide another flawless glass restoration!

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